Community Groups have begun and there is still space for you!

March 8, 2018

In this eight-session video-based study, you’ll explore how building deep relationships with the people in your small group and serving in the larger community around you will grow your faith, You’ll learn why your unique story God and to the people you do life with.

  • Arsen and Maria Hovesepian: Tuesday evenings—7PM.  Address is: 23 Egypt Lane, Clinton (group leader: Maria).  Click HERE for directions
  • New Building—Wednesday evenings—7PM.  Address is: 9 Business Park Dr., Branford (group leader: Gary Izzo).  Click HERE for directions
  • Bob and Carol Lukaszek : Tuesday evenings—7PM.  Address is: 7 Sleepy Hollow Circle, East Haven (group leader: Pastor Paul).  Click HERE for directions
  • Jeff and Cheryl Germaine: Thursday evenings—7PM.  Address is: 19 Hemlock Rd., Branford (group leader: Randall Roach).  Click HERE for directions
  • Bud and Becky Allen: Friday evenings—7:30PM (this is for young adults post High School—30 years old).  Address is: 745 Robert Frost Dr. Branford.  Click HERE for directions