45 for 45

March 22, 2016

We're so excited that you've partnered with us to spend 45 minutes with God for 45 days (March 21-May 4)!

Here's how it works:
15 minutes reading your Bible.  If you don't already have a reading program, we suggest starting in the Gospel of John and just read for 15 minutes every day.  Another option is to begin a one year reading plan.  Here's a great website to get you started: http://oneyearbibleonline.com/

15 minutes of prayer.  If 15 minutes seems like a long time, or you need some ideas for what to pray for, here's our prayer guide to assist you: 2016 Prayer Guide

15 minutes refection.  This can be used to journal or listen to a podcast or a sermon from someone you really enjoy or to read a devotional or book from one of your favorite authors (for Bible study!).

No matter if you've joined us the 1st day or your just jumping in (no worries), we're so glad you'recoming along with us on this journey.  So, I encourage you to get started-TODAY!  Oh, and please tell us how your doing or share a testimony of what God is speaking to you-http://www.sccbranford.org/resources/prayer-requests.html